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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Exercise!

The minimum recommended daily activity is: 5 times a week, 30 minutes a day.   The activity mentioned is simply walking. The recommended 30 minutes can be done in one shot or split up into 3 x 10 minutes slots.   80% of the US population do not reach the minimum daily requirement.   The […]

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Beat food cravings with these 3 steps!

‘What do you eat on an average day?’   ‘The truth is I don’t eat much. I’m too busy throughout the day to think about food. When I come home I find myself in the nosh pantry pecking away.   ‘I have tried many times to stay away from junk food but I always find […]

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Feel young and energetic in under 60 minutes a day

I’ve been feeling kind of weak lately; I don’t know what it is. Simple tasks I had no issue doing seem to knock the life out of me. The day is consumed with work and family. Running from one thing to the next. Too busy to even recognize how I feel on a daily bases. […]

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