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Knowledge Is Not Going To Get You Into Shape!




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If you or I walked into a room and did a quick survey of how many people are happy with being overweight, how many people do you think would raise their hand?

It is safe to say not many.



No one wants to be overweight and unhealthy, but the obesity crisis is growing more every day in the western world.

Why is that?


I used to believe that it was simply because people don’t understand what they need to do, we need educating.

But that isn’t true.


Nowadays we have access to information at our fingertips (literally).


Whatever you need to know you can know in seconds.

Just ask Google!


When searching for weight loss, body transformation or anything of the sort there are over 50,000,000 results.

You can find everything you need to know to make you a body transformation specialist in a day.


Yet death from being overweight is becoming the number one problem in our generation.


What is going on here?


Well there are a couple of reasons why this is happening, and they all need to be addressed in order to help you get where you want to be.


The first point I want to talk about is the fact that we have access to too much information.


A minute ago I mentioned how many results you will get by doing a quick Google search.

Some of you are thinking that it’s amazing… the more options we have the better!


Unfortunately this isn’t the case.


Even though we like to think that we like choices, in reality we hate them.


Many studies have shown that the more choices we have the more likely we are to do nothing.

We get so overwhelmed with which option is the right choice that we just stop and do absolutely nothing.

When there are so many diets to choose from and so many “different” articles to read about the best way to lose weight we just don’t start.


By the way, all articles on the best way to lose weight say the same thing,

  • Eat less
  • Move more,

They just say it in a different way so they can sound smart.

This results in confusion and us feeling stuck!


Its not fair, I know.


Another issue with the availability of so much knowledge is that we get stuck in study mode.


You read a book and see what you have to do…

But you are not quite sure what to do…

So you look for another book for guidance.

You tell yourself ‘this is the last one, then I am going to start’.

What ends up happening?..

You need the next book


You will end up being a person that knows it all, but is always trying to lose weight.


There have been many situation where I sat down with a client or potential client and they tell me they know everything about losing weight.

They generally know a lot.

Yet they happened to be extremely overweight.

Do you know someone like this?


These people get this way as a result of spending their whole life in study mode and never really applying what they know.


Simply put… knowledge isn’t everything and it most definitely isn’t everything when it comes to making a change.


When it comes to losing weight it is a lifestyle change that needs to occur.

Knowing that you need to change your lifestyle and actually changing it is two very different things.


Take for example, smokers.

Every smoker knows that it is bad for you to smoke.

There are no benefit to continue smoking.

But people find it nearly impossible to give up smoking.


Now you might argue with me and say that smoking is addictive.

That is true.

Smoking is addictive but so is eating.


The only difference is that people don’t see eating junk food as bad as we view smoking.

Even if you did, we still would find it really hard to change.




Because, knowledge isn’t power.


Knowing what to do with the knowledge is power.


In order for you to start achieving the results you need to:

  • Put you book down,
  • Get out of the research mode
  • Get into the doing more.

Once you have switched your mindset it is time to start making thing happen.


To help you get where you are today and show you the exact steps you need to DO to get to where you want to be I will personally write out your personalised Body transformation blueprint.


Click over here to get your personalized body transformation blueprint!



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