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How To Get All The Benefits From A Personal Trainer For A Fraction Of The Price!




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Depending on which part of the world you are, personal training can cost a lot of money.


You can be looking at paying anywhere from £60+ per session – this is for a trainer that is actually worth hiring.


In order for you to get results, you need to see your trainer anywhere from 3 times a week. If you really feeling determine but money is tight, you can see your trainer 2 times per week.


With this calculation you are looking at £120 per week, at the very least.


That is a lot of money and for a lot of people they simply can’t afford it.


To add to this, most people that try to change their lifestyle around on their own find it almost impossible.


When they do seem to lose weight, it only takes a couple of months before they are back to square one, if not in a worse state then when they started.


Are people that can’t afford personal training doomed to be this way forever?


The short answer is no.


There are so many different options available to us nowadays and one of the more popular forums of coaching is doing it online.


The good thing about online training is that it can cost a fraction of the price compared to personal training.


Again, depending on which part of the world you are, it can cost from £60 a month. What cost you a one-time session is what it would be for the whole month.


But when talking to people about online training I get a lot of objection.


People understand how personal training can benefit them, because the trainer is over you and you must do it, but how the heck can online training work?


That is a good observation and a valid point. In order to answer this we need to understand what is it that a personal trainer actually does, or at least should do!


Without getting to carried away, I have come up with 3 different elements a personal trainer brings to the table.


The 3 are:

  • Motivation,
  • Accountability
  • Education


(I recently wrote a more in depth blog about the 7 ways a personal trainer could help you improve your body. I highly recommend you check it out after reading this. The link is at the bottom.)


The motivation is pretty much what everyone sees in the gym.


It is when you see some poor old man being yelled at, by this fit young guy in a tight t-shirt, to push the weight one more time. It is clear as day this man is about to pass out as he has reached his capacity.


Well it’s not really like this and it should never be this way but the motivation is what we can all see.


That is the big reason many people bring on a trainer. They are simply not motivated enough to do it on their own.


The second element is accountability.


When people don’t have someone holding them accountable they just simply wont do it.


On the other hand, when they know that they are going to see their trainer in the gym on Sunday and you are going to be weighed. That might hold them back from putting in the junk food over the weekend.


So accountability is a strong suit when people take on a trainer.


The last thing is education.


This is where a lot of trainers fall short.


If they do educate their clients they will be doing it while the client is resting in between sets.


The time the client is supposed to be catching their breath and getting ready to push themselves through the next set of exercise.


The trainer is going on and on about how carbs are the reason your weight isn’t going down. Or the next time you want to go out and get a bear, go to a smoothie bar and have a horrible smelling drinks that have the strangest color.


This type of education doesn’t even enter the client’s ear. All they can thing about is ‘when will this hell end’?


So the education side falls short with a lot of people. But people don’t care because they aren’t thinking about the future.


As long as the weight is coming off they feel good but this only works if you stay with your trainer for life.


Now if you can afford it then cheers to you and I am not sure why you are reading this far.


I have a better article that will show you the difference between a great coach and an ok coach so you can spend your money wisely.


But if you’re like most of the population and you have better thinks to do with £180 a week every single week on a trainer.


Lets look at more feasible options while still enjoying the many benefits that come from having an awesome trainer.


I just want to point out, only because it is on my mind as I am writing this. When clients become so dependent on their trainer, they never truly learn how to fend for themselves. As soon as the relationship stops, for whatever reason, the results will disappear and the client will inevitably go back to square one.


But lets get back to the point at hand. If you can’t afford £180 a week for the rest of your life are you doomed?




As I mentioned above online training is becoming very popular.


I am about to show you that, when choosing the right online coach, you can have all the benefits if not more then a personal trainer will give you


So we pointed out 3 main things a personal trainer does or is supposed to do. Motivate, educate and hold you accountable.


The accountability you get with an online trainer by simply having constant interaction with your trainer.


This can be done via email for example; sending in your food log, weight, girth measurement, if you did the workouts or not, every day for review.


Plus, you can have weekly or monthly check up calls to make sure you doing what you set out to do. There is even social media interaction on an hourly basis if you really want.


So accountability you can get from online training just as much as you could from a personal trainer.


The education part is almost probably better when it is online.


The session that you do have with the coach is solely set aside for educating the client on what is right.


There is no thumping music or men grunting and your not there bent over trying to catch your breath.


There is simply you and the coach having a conversation about what is right for you at the time.


So the education side is better with online coaching then a personal trainer.


The last one is motivation. This one can get tricky but a great coach will have no problem with this.


A great coach will teach you how to tap into your own motivation so you are able to keep yourself motivated when the time gets tough.


This in turn will teach you how to fend for yourself.


Once the coaching process is over you will be comfortable to keep at it on your own and enjoy the great results you worked so hard for.


I hope you can see how an online trainer cannot only save you money but also make you less dependent on the trainer.


But I must make you aware, not all trainers are the same.


In fact you can find online trainers that will just write you a program and you have to check in every week with your progress.


This in fact is doing exactly what your personal trainer does, making you dependent on them. As soon as the trainer is out of the equation the weight comes back on.


What you got to look for in a coach is someone who will help you get equipped with yourself so you are able to think for yourself.


At Premier Physique what we do is special.


We educate our clients on a need to know bases – no information dumping, so our clients can digest the info and really grasp the concept we are teaching.


We also train our clients to act on the info by giving them new habits to work on.


We hold our clients accountable by having constant communication with each and every client via email, as much as the client needs.


We also have a private forum where all question can be asked. This is a strictly No Judgment Zone where your questions can get answered by expert coaches and people in the community that have ‘been there, done that’.


This great community also provides a great support, to help you go through your journey and motivate you when the time gets tough.


We also personally hold you accountable by having a check up call every single month to see how you are feeling about your progress thus far.


We also do this to make sure that you are sticking with your personal plan and show you how to progress forward.


We even take it a step further in our open mic webinar sessions where you can get answers to your questions in further depth.


We do this to help clear up the controversial subjects the media throw at us.


Our main priority is to make sure that you, our client, have all the tools at your disposal to make this journey an easy process.


To become a client of Premier Physique all you have to do is schedule a personalized transformation plan.


You will walk out knowing the steps you need to take to get you where you are today to where you want to be in the future.


To transform your body today click on the link.


I look forward to speaking to you shortly.


7 ways a personal trainer could help you improve your body: Click Here

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