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6 Sneaky Tips To Help You Lose Weight Without Even Trying!




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This might shock you but being overweight is not your problem!


Eating high caloric foods and having a sedentary lifestyle is to blame for the ever-growing obesity crises.


How do you change your lifestyle?


Well in order to do that you need to change your habits.


There are a couple of things you must know when it comes to changing your routine. In fact I have a free report, which tells you 10 things you must do in order to get rid of bad habits and exchange them for good ones.


You can get your copy over here. The 10 Ways To Create Long Lasting Habits


In this blog though, I want to talk about 1 of the 10 ways mentioned in the report and give you sneaky tricks that will help you transform your lifestyle without you even trying.


The 5th thing you must do when changing your habit is ‘shape the path’.


As habits are something we do without thinking about. The best way to change them is to make sure your surroundings are suited for the practice you are trying to work on.


For example if you want to stop eating junk food. You will start by taking a big bag, put all the junk food from your home in the bag and take it to the nearest shelter.


This way you kill two birds with one stone:

  1. There is no more junk food in the house making, it harder for you to binge.
  2. You just helped the less fortune.


But in my opinion, this isn’t the best place to start for most people. The simple reason is it’s extremely hard to go cold turkey straight off the bat. Plus you won’t need to go to such extreme measures to see the results you are looking for, especially at the beginning of your new lifestyle.


Remember you want to work on habits that are going to last you a lifetime.


If you start off going really extreme at the beginning, the chances of you sticking through are unluckily. And as soon as you go back to your old ways the weight is going to come back on.


You typically want to want to start with something that seems to be easy for you.


For a full list of 10 things you must do to create habits, click here: The 10 Ways To Create Long Lasting Habits


A much better place to start is by shaping the path when it comes to eating.


What, who and where you eat will have different effects on how much you eat, resulting in weight going up or down.


Over the next couple of blogs I am going to show you how you can manipulate whom and where you eat to help you lose weight.


But in this blog I am going to be talking about 6 different ways you can manipulate what you eat with.


But before we go into the sneaky little hacks we got to cover something first.


We don’t eat with our stomach!


Although we like to believe that when we are hungry we eat and when we are full we stop. That is further from the truth. In reality we eat with our eyes.


That means what we see, can and will mess with our appetite.


With that in mind let’s go into the 6 different ways you can help yourself become healthier.


Hack #1: Shrink Your Plate.


The first thing you can do to manipulate your eyes, is to change the size of your plate. When you eat of a smaller plate the same portion would look a lot bigger then if it were on a bigger plat.


The best way to show it to you is through this illusion.










Which circle looks bigger, the right or the left?


Although the right looks bigger they are in fact the same size. The eye uses the surrounding images to judge the size of an object.


So by using a smaller plate your eye assumes that the portion is enough. If the eye things its enough its enough.


Hack #2: Swap Your Cutlery


This little trick I stumbled on by accident.


We recently changed the cutlery in my house to something a little bit more fancy then we originally had. The new sets of fork where slimier then the old set.


When I started using the new set it really annoyed me that every time I would scope up food it would fall off. But then it got me thinking this is amazing. If you just swap out all your forks and spoons to smaller cutlery, you will end up spending more time when you eat.


When you spend a longer time on eating you will find that you get fall on a lot less food.


Hack #3: Grow Your Cups.


This one is an interesting one.


The brain thinks that length is more then width. For example: which line is longer?












You brain is telling you that the vertical line is longer then the horizontal line but in truth both lines are equal.


Now day in age this sneaky little trick can really help you cut back on a tone of calories.


As a lot of calories are sneaking in to our body in the form of some sort of drink, switching your glass from short & stubby to tall & slender can result in less soda and fruit juice being drank.


You can also use this trick when it comes to foods.


Instead of having pieces of flat food try and eat its taller equivalent. For example, instead of eating flat cheese go for cubed cheese.


Hack #4: Out Of Sight.


This little tip is quiet a common one.


What you don’t see you don’t know, what you don’t know you don’t want.


When you have in your house cakes, biscuits, sweets and other such foods laying around on the counter. It is very difficult to fight the temptation.


On the other hand, if you go ahead and swap all those foods for bright colure fruits and vegetables, who knows you might just be tempted to go for it.


You can also apply this rule for mealtime.


If you bring the food to the table and then everyone takes for themselves, it is very easy to take second helping as it is right there.


On the other hand, if you would keep all the food in the kitchen, put your meal on a smaller plate, eat with smaller cutlery and drink from a taller glass you will be losing weight by accident.


If you feel like you can’t do this for whatever reason do…


Hack #5: Substitute Your Bowls.


You will want to put the food in to smaller serving bowls. Even if you are bringing out the same amount of food, it is better to bring it out on two smaller bowls then one big one.


This little trick should be used when hosting parties.


Instead of having one big bowl with all the crisp. What you should do is take 2 or 3 smaller bowls of crisps. Here it is a win-win for you for two reasons.


  1. This will result in people taking less food.
  2. It seems like you are so generous and put out more food.


Cheeky, huh?


If you buy your products in bulk you must use this tip and put all of the your foods into smaller containers. You will never want to pour cereal from a big Costco box.


Hack #6: Scrap Your Plate.


The last tip is a bit of a dirty one but it is worth it.


When you eat foods that leave a mess, for example; chicken on the bone, nuts, corn on the cob and such other foods, you want to make sure you keep all the scraping on your plate.


If you constantly clear up your plate you wont remember how much you had and feel hungry when your aren’t.


If you can see that you had 10 chicken wings, because all the bones are still on your plate, you will stop eating because you will feel full.


With these 6 little tips, that won’t make much difference to what you’re eating. You will find that you are getting full of less food.


This will result in less calories going in and weight coming off, without you trying.


The best thing is that they are so easy to implement and to make it into a habit that last a lifetime.


To get the list of 10 things you need to do to change your habit click on the link below so you can start losing weight for good without even noticing it.

The 10 Ways To Create Long Lasting Habits!



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