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4 Ways Your Environment Makes You Eat More!




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The last couple of weeks I have been talking about how our surrounding dictates how much we eat. I spoke about how what you eat with and who, will make you eat more or less.


In this blog I want to talk about where you eat and the effect it has on what you eat.


The most important points I want to bring out over this 3 part blog, is that even though we thing we have full control over our decision in reality it isn’t so. Our surrounding has a massive impact on what we do and it is especially true when it comes to eating.


Over the last 2 blogs I have given you different strategies to help you use your surrounding to your advantage. In some cases there isn’t anything you can do except be aware of the problem. Most times just be being aware is enough to stop your from doing the act in the first place.


I truly believe that where you eat has a big impact on what you eat in most of the western world. This is why I have chosen to leave it for last.


Lets go through a couple of different scenarios that show you how important it is to be aware of your surroundings when it comes to eating.




The first place I want to start, is eating in the work place. A lot of us lead very busy lives and therefore only find time to eat in middle of work or when we are having our lunch an important email comes that we must check.


What happens here is that you get so carried away with what you are doing that you don’t pay attention to what you are eating. In fact the only thing that will make you stop eating is when the food is all gone. In some cases that would be too much.


It also isn’t uncommon for me to hear one of my clients say that they don’t remember eating lunch. If you can’t remember eating lunch then of course you’re going to end up eating more food.


What you must do is step away from you computer and concentrate on your eating. Be aware of how your body is feeling and stop eating as soon as you feel satisfied.


This doesn’t just apply to working it also applies to watching and reading or any other activates you find yourself doing to pass the time while you eat.




I don’t know if you noticed it but whenever you sit down to watch a movie or TV show you start to feel peckish.


I feel like there is something in our brain that just triggers the hunger cues as soon as the screen comes on.


The only way to get out of this one is to snack on healthier options. I am sorry there is no fancy trick over here.


The truth is I once figured that my wife and I consumed close to 1,000 calories by munching on snacks while watching something and I was still ready to go for more.


Fast food Restaurants


Beside the fact that fast food restraint aren’t good for you because they consist of high caloric low nutrition foods. They get their consumers in another way.


This is the price.


This was a massive eye opener for me by the cinema, since I don’t really go to fast food restaurants. I wanted a little bit of snack so I decide to get some popcorn for the movie and I told myself I was going to get the smaller option. The guy behind the desk asked me if I was sure I didn’t want to go for the bigger one when it was only 20p cheaper.


Fast food restaurants do this as well.


They make the bigger portion a no brainier to go for as it is only a couple of penny above the small portion.


Keep this in mind. Even thought it might seem like your wasting your money your not. Add up all the penny every time you go to a fast food restaurants and you go for the smaller portion. You will find that you will be saving yourself a couple of hundreds of pounds a year.


Plus you also going to end up eating less, which will help keep the body you want.


(Btw I am not recommending you go to fast food restaurants, if you already go be aware of what is going on).




Have you ever notice that most fast food restaurants have bright color and loud music?


They do this because they want people in and out as fast as they can. They make their money by turning over tables.


On the other hand in a more upscale restaurant the lighting is generally dimer, the music is soft and quitter. This is because they want their costumers to stay longer so they will end up eating more foods and have a bigger bill.


Whichever situation you find yourself know that you are being manipulated to make the owner more money.


When in a fast food chain focus on eating slower and stop eating when full. At an upscale restaurant focus on paying attention to your body instead of what the waiter is trying to push you to buy.


The most important thing is for you to be in control of what you’re eating and how much. Don’t allow what, whom and where tell you how much and how fast you should eat which will result in weight going up, stomach aces and many unpleasant things.


Be in control over yourself and you will be fine.


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