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How To Get Through The Holiday Season Without Falling Back To Your Old Ways!




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I cant believe it, the holiday season is upon us all ready.


Where does the time go?


I do love this time of year because everyone is happy. You walk into the shops and there are flashing lights and classic music playing. Even the grumpy people seem to be happy.


It is just such a magical time of year.


No matter how awesome the holidays are, for a lot of us it is a scary time.

We spend the whole year trying to change our lives to become healthier and a better version of ourselves. Then we get caught up in the holiday time where our schedule goes out of the window.


Not only that, there is so much food around that you can’t help but think that there is no way you can keep up the good work.


You can’t stop being scared.


The good news is that you shouldn’t be scared and you don’t need to worry about this time of year. You should enjoy it as much as you can as ‘tis the season to be jolly’.


But how do you do that without giving up all the hard work and falling back into your old ways?


The first thing you must do is change your thoughts.

Negative thoughts bring negative reaction. When you are constantly thinking that you are going to fail, the chances that you’re going to fail get higher.


Stop thinking about how bad it is going to be, that you are out of schedule, and start thinking of it as a well-deserved break. You body needs this break and it will only improve your performance when you come back.


I am not telling you to binge out and go crazy, but what I am suggesting is to stop being scared of the unknown and view it as a well-deserved break.


Another thing is, in the event that you do slip up how you react after will determine if you will go back to your old ways or not.


There are 2 ways a person can react after having a slight ‘slip-up’.

The first is to be very self-critical the 2nd is to be self-compassion.


The self critical person would be extremely hard on themselves and make them feel down about what they have done. Even thought for a lot of people that would make sense, you need to be disciplined, this can backfire in a big way.


Because when people feel down about themselves they look for things that will make them feel better.


Guess what makes most people feel better…?


That’s right, comfort food.


That one little snack with being self-critical can set you straight back into your old ways and all the hard work will go out the window.


On the other hand when you are self-compassion with yourself it can go a completely different direction, the right direction.


How can you be self-compassion and what does it mean?

There are three steps to being compassion with yourself which are:


  • Mindfulness
  • Common humanity
  • Self-kindness


Mindfulness means that you are aware of what you are doing.


This is the first step and rightfully so. If you are not aware about what you are doing you can’t help yourself.


When being aware about what you are doing, you have to make sure that you are not judging yourself.


Common humanity is letting yourself know that you are not alone.


It is common as humans to slip up. You must tell yourself that everyone is going to be having a tough time this time of year (it is true, we are all out of sync) and it is perfectly normal.


Self-kindness is being kind to yourself.


It is as simple as that.


You don’t want to let yourself of the hook completely but on the other hand you don’t want to nail yourself to the wall either.


You got to be kind to yourself and see how you can move on now that the action has happened.


The main point you got to realize is that most people are going to be having a hard time now. It is complete normal.


You also must notice that the binge, if it happens, isn’t the end of you and doesn’t make you a bad, disgusting person or whatever other names you may call yourself.


Be kind to yourself and you will see that you will go a lot further this holiday season.

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