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Discover What Is Holding You Back From Losing Weight!




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We somehow mange to come up with many different excuse of why we can’t achieve our ultimate body image.

Although there may be many things holding us back we’ll never be able to help ourselves when we face many challenges.

What we have to ultimately do is look and ask ourselves ‘what is main thing holding me back?’


In Order To Succeed We Must Find Our limiting factor.


The limiting factor is the biggest challenge… tour achilles heel,

The thing that is holding you back the most.


As human when we have many obstacles in our way we give up before we start.

We see a lot of hard work and think ‘Gosh, I’ll never mange that.’

On the other hand when we look at one thing, the limiting factor, the challenge doesn’t so daunting,

We can see ourselves succeeding,

Its just one little thing we need to do, thats all.


Therefore when starting out or even progressing in your body transformation, you always want to work on your Achilles heel!


How do you find your limiting factor?


As you could imagine your limiting factor is very specific to you. It could take a little bot of practice figuring out what you should be working on.

There is one question I find that helps me figure out my clients limiting factor.

I try and get my clients to answer: ‘Why am I not doing what I want to do?’

When they answer this question the limiting factor will show up.


For example if you really want to go to the gym to be more active but for some reason you aren’t going, the simplest way to find out what is holding you back is to ask yourself…

“Why am I not going to the gym?”


Is it because I have no time?

Or perhaps, I don’t like going to the gym?

If so why don’t I like going to the gym?

Is it because I feel intimidated?

I don’t know what to do?

Or is it too far to get to?


You see how we got a bunch of different scenarios that could be the limiting factor for just going to the gym?

There could be many more reasons and scenarios.


In order for this exercise to work you must answer the questions honestly. There is not judgement – especially when trying to better yourself.


I would always advise people to turn for help when trying to figure out what is their limiting factor.

The last thing you want to do is to give all you attention to the one thing you assume is holding you back only to discover a couple of weeks in, after seeing no results, that you’ve been focusing on the wrong thing.


To find your limiting factor, book your consultation right now.


Once you’ve recognized what is holding you back, it is time to address it. 

The best way to show you how to address the problem is by showing you.

I want to give you a real life example of a client of mine.


This client, we will call him John, is very hard working.

I mean throughout all the session, he was killing it and he was seeing great results with his athletic capabilities.

There was one thing that was troubling him and that was his gut wasn’t going down.

It was still the same even though he was working hard and barely eats throughout the day.


After a little bit of digging, I found out that John has a very active social life which meant he eats out a lot –

about 5 times a week, at least.


Even though it seems like John isn’t eating much throughout the day… when he goes out to eat he can put all the calories + in to his body from just one meal.


The limiting factor here is… eating out.

Seeing as it is part of his lifestyle we aren’t going to be like – right you need to change your lifestyle (although that would be ideal but as you can imagine John wasn’t up for it).

Instead what we would work on was to make sure he ate less when he would go out to the restaurants.

The problem with eating less is that most people find it very difficult to stop eating mid-plate.

Once we start eating the only thing that is going to stop us from eating is when the food is gone.


What we came up with was when ordering his dish he would ask the waiter to prep a whole portion and put half of it in a takeaway container so he could take it home.

This way there was less food on the plate to start with.


I hope with this example you can see how working on your limiting factor doesn’t need to be hard or complicated.

To every problem there is a solution.


The difficult bit is identifying which piece is holding you back.

Like I mentioned before you don’t want to put all your energy in the wrong thing.

The best way to make sure that you don’t fall into the trap is to constantly assess how you’re progressing.


To find out what is holding you back, book your body transformation plan right here!

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