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How To Switch Your Mindset For A Successfull Body Transformation!




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I recently stumbled upon a statistic that really came as a big shock to me. It stated that 70% of people that get prescribed medication end up not using them!


Either they will take less pills than prescribed, skip a couple of dosages in the day, some may stop taking them early and other won’t even go to the pharmacy to get them in the first place.


What is going on here?


In an occasion where people have to do a simple act of popping a pill for ‘x’ amount of times a day so they can feel better and improve their life most people don’t; so how could you expect people to completely change their life so they can feel better?


As I am writing this we are approaching the end of January; the first month in the New Year. It’s in this month where many people truly see how difficult it is to change; where the winners begin separating themselves from the rest. It is at this point where we see who is going to be rewriting the same resolution next year.


Although I have supplied you with the easiest excuse at the start of this blog with an eye-opening statistic, that was not my intention. In fact, I gave you the statistic so you could see how difficult it is for us to make a change even with something as simple as taking a pill.


I also want to bring up a point that as humans, we don’t do things because we should and I will get more in depth about that below.


I want to talk to you about what separates the cream from the crop.

Is it because they have better genetics than most? Maybe.


Is it because they enjoy the gym more than most? Perhaps.


Is it because they have more willpower and determination than most? Probably.


Is it possible for you to get all that power and more? Defiantly!


How do we do that?


How do we make sure that you are one of the winners this year and don’t end up slipping back?


The simplest way is to change your mind-set from ‘should’ to ‘want’.

As I’ve showed you before through that crazy statistic, we don’t always do the things we really should be doing even if it can change the outcome faster or whether it may be better for us in the long run.


Instead, we will do whatever is convenient for us at the time and whatever we ultimately want to do.


How can we make ourselves feel like we want to lose weight, be fit and healthy and change out mind-set?


In order to do this we must first have some quiet time with ourselves and have a deep think.


Think about what drives you to do the things you already do throughout your day?


What drives you in the morning to get out of bed? Is it your kids? Is it your love for your job and your motivation to make a career for yourself?


You need to really think deep into what makes you do what you do. Don’t try and cut corners here.


Once you have found your core reason for doing anything, it is time to think about how the actions you do today are effecting your ultimate goal and core values of your tomorrow.


Just to give you an idea of and help you out, I am going to go a little bit deep into myself for you.


The thing that gets me out of bed at 5 o’clock in the morning is this. The fact that I can educate myself on the importance of living a healthy and full life so I can help you live a better life.


In order for me to be able to do that I need to make sure my brain and body is up for the task. This means I have to get to bed early, eat properly and exercise so I can keep on doing what I am doing (helping people live better) for a long time.


This very fact is what wins the fight I have every morning to get out of bed at 5 a.m. or just snooze, roll over and pretend that I didn’t hear the alarm.


To make sure you can truly become a winner, a champion, and give yourself the life you deserve. You must think about what drives you to do anything in life and see how if you improved the state of your weight and health you will be able to deliver better results on the things that you want to do.


Change your mind-set from:  ‘should’ I lose the weight and fail, to: I ‘want’ to lose the weight and be a champ!



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