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5 Ways To Stay Dedicated So You Can Achieve The Body Of Your Dreams!




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In your opinion, what is the number one factor that will allow you to succeed with your weight loss goals?


Do you have an idea?


Whatever your answer may be in reality, the only thing that will get you to your goal is commitment.


No matter how much information you know about protein, carbs, fats, exercise, rest and all the other useful info it is absolutely useless until you commit to putting into action.


In this blog we are going to talk about how you can find your motive to commit, the problems people encounter with their commitments and strategies to stay committed to your life.


First off, what is commitment? As funny as the question is, what would you say commitment is?


I actually just did a quick Google search on commitment and the definition I found was ‘the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.’


Think about that for a moment. It is a state of being dedicated to a cause.


Dedication is the sense of doing an action that must be done no matter what – in good times or in bad.

Dedication isn’t something you do today, nothing tomorrow and half the day after.


Dedication is when you do what you have to do each and every day whether you like it or not.


With that being said about dedication and commitment, I am sure your wondering how you come about committing. Do you feel like some people just have it while others don’t? Is it something we are born with and it is by luck of the draw if you don’t have it?


Well I’m here to tell you that commitment isn’t so.


For as long as I can remember I always appreciate my sleep. I would sleep as much as I can and wake up literally minutes before I had to be somewhere.


Although I was living this way for most of my life, I always told myself that in an ideal world (ideally 10 years from now) I would start my day in the early hours.


One weekend, I was out with friends and a guy told me that he wakes up every morning at 5 a.m. I thought to myself, “What are you waiting for? The perfect day to just spontaneously wake up at 5 a.m. for the rest of my life?” I wanted to make today my perfect day.


From that weekend I made a commitment to myself that I would wake up every morning at 5 a.m.


Now although some days I do sleep in (btw, a sleep in nowadays is 6:30a.m.) for the most part I have been getting up at 5 o’clock every morning.


I know the only way I got myself up and continue getting myself up each morning is because I thought priorities. What is my reason for getting out of bed?


I came up with the fact that I was driven to be able to provide you – my readers, my clients the best knowledge and advice so you can accomplish your goals in the most efficient way.


I didn’t want my clients to continue buying crazy products and going on crazy diets or even spending countless hours in the gym doing pointless exercises to only get more disappointed and a sour taste to health and fitness in return.


The only way I can do that is by educating myself on the best practice and for that I need more time.


I don’t get enough time to educate myself when I was waking up at the last minute. In order to accomplish what is most important to me, I have to wake up earlier and that’s exactly what I’ve set myself out to do.


Now I’m not saying it is easy. It is still a battle each day to wake up that early. I would love to stay in bed but my commitment to you gets me up and out!


Commitment is simply an issue of prioritizing your values.

Think about what you value the most.


Do you always put that first no matter what?


Now there are many exercises you can do to figure out what your priorities are. I would love to run through the exercises to show you what is most important to you so you can find your commitment. To schedule your complementary consultation click over here.


The problem we have with commitment is that we tend to take on more than we can chew. We get this big idea that we need to commit to everything from the very get-go to accomplish the goals.


The problem with that is when you take on more than you can handle more times than not you end up doing a complete 360 and end up in the same place from where you started.


Firstly, get in to the habit of committing 100% to whatever you do commit to. Start small.


Doesn’t matter how small it is.


This is why small baby steps are important. It gets you in the habit of committing to something and actually sticking to it.


Once you have committed for a while you can then take on another commitment and build from there.


A good way to look at it is as if you’re trying to build a gigantic new building. You tell yourself you want the to build a beautiful building ASAP. You neglect to spend time on the foundation you focus on just putting the intricate glass windows and structured roof. How well do you think this building will hold against a storm?


On the other hand if you would spend time on the structure and foundation and then focus on putting one brick at a time, how solid would the building be then?


The same is true when it comes to your weight loss. If you just go ahead and focus on putting all the pieces in place without spending time on structuring and getting used to your commitment you wont be able to last when a storm comes.


Focusing on taking one step closer to your goals each day. Really focus on the task at hand and you will be exactly where you want to be rather quickly.


So taking small steps helps you with sticking to your commitment. It teaches that to achieve you must commit 100%. No matter what.


There are many strategies you can implement to help you stay committed. The best one mentioned above is simply taking a small step and commit to you.


By no means is that the only strategy you have at your disposal. Just to name a few others:

  • Support
  • Goals
  • Accountability
  • Mind-set
  • Actions


For a complete understanding of how you can truly commit to your goals request a complementary consultation. I would love to show you the best options for you!


Just click over here below and I will get in touch with you in the next 24hours.



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