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The Red, Yellow And Green System That Will Help You Live A Healthy Life!




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What is the best diet that will help you lose the weight and live a healthy life?


Well, truth be told, there isn’t!


If you have been following me for any length of time you will know that its all about healthy living.


Most coaches, nutritionist and/or body transformation specialist will agree that healthy living is what will truly give you the results you want to achieve.


Don’t get me wrong; it’s not that diets don’t work (I have read your mind.)


Diets work in the sense that they will allow you to lose weight very fast but the real question here is, ‘is it sustainable for the rest of you life?’


This is where diets fall short.


Diets put our bodies under extreme situations.


From cutting out all solids to eating cotton balls – the amount of crap out there is mindboggling (and not to mention stomach growling.)


But the certainty of a diet does put us in a situation that is virtually impossible to keep up for the rest of your life.


What’s the answer?


Healthy living.


The way we start living a healthy life is by replacing the bad habits that we have formed and swap them for much better habits.


You will learn the exact ins and outs of forming good habits over here.


But firstly, I want to bring your attention to another point.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop by just forming good habits.


Although yes, we are creatures of habit…


and once a habit is formed the action is done without a second thought; the old habits that are ingrained into our system our whole lives are much more dominant than our new and improved habits.


It won’t take much to switch you back to the old way of living resulting in the diet conundrum (you stick to it for a short period of time)


In the book Switch, the Heath brothers write about our tendency to revert back to our old ways.


They compare the human race in quite an interesting way to a rider, an elephant and the path. I want to just run through this scenario quickly.


The rider is out thinking brain- the part of the human that has the common sense.


The elephant is the emotional side- the subconscious.


The path is equivalent to our surroundings.


When riding on an elephant, the rider can tug at the elephant to direct it and the elephant might listen to the rider.


However, if the elephant decides to go off track – because it is such an immeasurably powerful animal there is little the rider can do.


The same is true when it comes to the human brain.


The thinking brain can tackle and guide the subconscious mind all day but after awhile it gets taxing on the brain.


At this point if the subconscious decides to go for the cake there isn’t much the brain can do.


It is exhausted from doing the days work.


Luckily, there is another able to guide the elephant; one more powerful than the rider and that is the path.


When the elephant is on a path it is very unlikely it will veer off and go astray especially if straying leads to death. (Pause for dramatic music.)


As stated above in our life, the path is our surroundings.


If we adjust our surroundings to our new lifestyle to fit alongside our new habits then even when the rider (thinking brain) is tired the elephant (the subconscious aka bad habits) wont stray.


When it comes to adjusting your surroundings bare in mind that this comes with a bit of work.


This brings me to my next point that I want to introduce you to which is the traffic light to healthy living.


There are 3 different categories that food will fall under: the Red foods, the Yellow foods and the Green foods.


Hence, traffic light.


The Red foods are foods that we all know are not healthy for you.


You find that whenever they are around you can’t control yourself. The worst thing is as soon as you start eating them it is impossible to stop.


These types of foods should be removed from your home complete and (as much as possible) removed out of your life.


The Yellow foods aren’t so bad. These types of foods you can still control yourself when around them.


They still may not be the best option to have but they are slightly better than the Red foods.



Even thought you can control yourself you are aware that there comes a time when the mood strikes and they too can wreak havoc.


These types of foods should definitely be taken out of your home but can be used as treats.


You should note that when you’re in the mood of these types of food rather refrain from having them due to the likelihood of eating more than you need to quench that craving.


The Green types of foods are the good foods. They are healthy foods and should be stocked sky high in your house.


It’s not hard to see why living this way and changing your surroundings that it would be very difficult for that elephant win, might and all.


In order for you to gain the best results I have put together a 12 week program that will take you from where you are today to living the healthy lifestyle you want with just 5 ½ habits.


To get access to this training click over here!

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