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4 Weight Loss Experts That Will Transform Your Body!




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How many times have you tried to lose weight?


Like many, I’m sure you have tried a couple of times.


You may have been successful for a while but then… you’re back again fighting the fat.


I’m sure you’ve tried a lot of diets and gimmicks -may I even say perhaps other alternatives which may even be dangerous, just so you can finally reach a weight and body you could be proud of.


Yet you’re still on what seems like an endless battle of slimming the waist line.


You have tried everything and you’re now thinking about taking on some help.


A personal trainer perhaps?

Maybe a nutritionist?


You feel like if you had something made for you personally you will be able to stick to it but your not sure which profession will work with you best.


In this blog I am going to take you through the different types of professionals that could help you finally have your dream body.


Once you have the ins and outs of each one you will be able to make an informed decision about which practitioner would suit you best.


Before we go into all the different types of people and professions that could help you, first I wanted to bring your attention to the most important concept you need to know.


Here goes…


Although many people believe that weight loss is a simple concept of eating clean and exercising more… unfortunately it is not as simple and straight forward as that.


Just to elaborate what I am talking about, how many different things do you have competing for your attention?


I’m sure you will have a never-ending list of the various things that split your day.


In the ever so busy world it makes it very difficult to maintain a healthy life!


This is why losing weight is so much more the just eating clean and being more active.


In order to have a winning chance to succeed you need to take a holistic approach.


This approach looks at our lives as a whole and works on the weakest links that tend to hold us back the most.


Now that we discussed that weight loss is clearly not as simple as we thought let’s move forward and see who will be able to give us the:


  • Support
  • Accountability
  • Knowledge
  • Motivation


And so much more that we will need to lose the weight and reach our goals.


I want to start off with the most obvious choice that the majority of people look to when thinking about adapting a better quality of life and that is…


Personal Trainer!


Personal trainers are the most obvious choice because most of them are in good shape- at least I hope they are, and they help you craft the perfect workout.


Isn’t that the first thing we are supposed to do when trying to lose weight?


Start exercising?


Funnily enough, there have been studies on this exact subject assessing if indeed exercising alone will help you lose weight; the results where quiet shocking.


The experiment took a group of people and asked them to exercise. After accomplishing 5 session a week for 16 weeks the group lost on an average of only 2lb of fat.




After all that hard work to only lose 2lb of fat?!


In all honesty, I have seen this myself with my own clients.


I have clients that solely focus on the work out and sadly don’t lose much weight. As soon as they start paying even the slightest amount their attention to the way they eat they start to see dramatic differences.


So, although exercising is important to losing weight for various reasons, exercising without paying attention to the food you consume or any other part of your life will get you nowhere near your goals.


So… if food is more important than we should surely look at hiring a…




Nutritionists are great because (if they are good) they will give you a personalized food program for you to follow so you can lose weight.


Even so, nutritionists only provide you with a food plan and don’t focus on any exercise.


In order to get the best results you need to have a full program incorporating both exercise and good eating.


So now you’re thinking…  minor problem right? Because now you will hire a nutritionist and a personal trainer.


No biggie, right?


The main problem is that nutritionists give you a perfect diet for you to follow with very little leeway.


Many times these diets can take you from one extreme to another (i.e no solids for the first week and only a strict selection of foods for the week after.)


As we mentioned above, we live in a demanding world where it isn’t easy to look after yourself.


The chances of you sticking to a strict diet like that are slim to non.


So many things get in the way and we tend to fall off track, especially when we need to focus and obeyed by extremes.


In fact the average time spent on a diet is just over 5 weeks.


If you have tried a diet you know what I mean.


The thing is we live in an age of information.


We have the world at our fingertips and can find out anything there is to know with just the click of a button. Seriously, just ask Google if you don’t believe me.


So it’s no surprise that will all the new information thrown our way on a daily basis we clearly know what good vs. bad eating looks like.. for the most part.


Fruit & veg. = Good. Double Fudge Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache = Bad. (but so very good ;-] ) Right?


Yet we don’t eat well.


Why is that?


There are many outside cues that cause us to do what we do.


A lot of it comes down to psychology.


If that is the case I’m sure you are thinking that you should be seeing a…




A psychologist could be very helpful in understanding why you do what you do. They can help you break through the bad habits we have when it comes to eating and focus on why we may turn to food for comfort.


But the problem is that even though you will figure out why you do what you, will you really know what to do instead to help you transform your body?


The psychologists are trained in understanding the mind. Not a lot of them understand why the body looks the way it does.


Another point is that psychology is a lengthy process. You need to build a connection and work at assessing your problems.


Plus seeing a shrink comes with a certain stigma sadly. (Although it is becoming more and more acceptable and understood.)


Now, what do we do in order to achieve our weight loss goals? Who do we turn to for help?


There is one profession that you will find a lot of personal trainers are moving towards these days.


I find it to be the most effective way of helping people transform their body.


The profession is called…


Nutrition Coach


A nutrition coach is someone that understands that weight loss is more than just calories in and calories out.


Nutrition coaches understand that most people have demanding commitments competing for their attention and therefore will help their clients work on creating a better lifestyle.


By achieving a better lifestyle you can facilitate a healthy way of living.


Now a nutrition coach generally doesn’t give personalized nutrition plans simply because they don’t tend to work, as we mentioned above.


When we are pushed in to a corner and restricted to certain foods we can and cannot eat we tend to feel trapped.


A nutrition coach will teach a client how to live a normal life and create good habits. Even when the relationship between coach and client ends, the client will feel confident to face the world on their own and still succeed.


But we still have one underlaying problem.


The nutrition coach doesn’t look at exercise and we know in order to have a successful weight loss program we need to include exercise.


The good news is that most nutrition coaches are personal trainers.


The fact the that the personal trainer has taken time and money to educate him/herself on becoming a nutrition coach, you can be rest assured that these types of practitioners take pride in their work and will make sure that they are fully equipped so they can help their clients in the best way.


In conclusion: Although there are many weight loss experts, most of them demand that you rely on them to succeed and don’t truly understand the dynamic of losing weight.


The most successful practitioners are nutrition coaches as they understand the holistic approach. It helps that they tend to be personal trainers looking to be the best they can be to help their client in the best way.


To find out how a nutrition coach can help you achieve your goals click over here and I will personally show you how to get the results you desperately want.

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