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Comparing Yourself To Others Will Make You Fail On Your Weight Loss Journey!




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We are always comparing!

When we are thinking about buying a product… we compare the price.

When we are trying to Asses how good a program is… we compare.

We even dictate our standards by comparing ourselves to the people around us.


(That’s where the saying comes form that you are the average of the 5 people you hang out!)


Although compression is an important tool for us, we use it as a shortcut to figure out what we should:

  • Have.
  • Do.
  • Pay.
  • Even, act.


This shortcut can be very dangerous for our health, happiness and even weight.


Especially when we compare how we should look to the models and Instagram fitness fanatics.

We have high expectation for ourselves that will end with us failing and feeling worse about ourselves.

On Instagram, in the magazines all we see is a finished picture.

We don’t see the work the athletes put in. (I can tell you that it is a lot more then just training 3 times a week and eating well.)

We don’t see what they look like without the makeup and tan.

We don’t see the picture before the edit team gets their hands on the pic.


So excepting to look like these people in a couple of months is a bit of an outstretch to say the least.


But I want to move on for a second to how marketers get you.


The marketers’ job is to entice you, the consumer, to buy the product they are trying to sell.

Believe me they are good at their job.

They are masters of the art of persuasion; they deploy sneaky tricks to make sure we buy.

One of their tricks is to use compression to manipulate our buying decision.


Have you ever noticed when you go to the movies and it comes to buying popcorn they will have more then one size?

Some would even have 3 different sizes.

Small, medium & large.

You ever noticed it?


Now here is the tricky bit.

The medium size is something marketers call as a decoy.

They don’t really want you to buy the medium size, they want you to buy the large.

What they do is they price the medium portion just a little bit lower then the large so you feel stupid not to go for the larger option.

‘It’s just .50p more!’ The 20 year old cashier would tell you.

Its not just cinema that do this… fast chain restaurants do it as well.


I have even seen this trick used on high price items.

Although it was done different.

What they do is they will put a more expensive product as a decoy so the product that they want to sell you doesn’t seem so expensive anymore.


But what does this have to do with your weight and being happy.


In the terms of food there is one simple rule that needs to be understood.

The rule is if it is there it will get eaten. Simple!


So when you go ahead and get this amazing deal and purchase the bigger popcorn or the extra portion at the restaurant, (Remember, it isn’t a deal, it’s a decoy) you will end up eating more food then you really wanted.

This can lead to overeating and ultimately weight gain.


Also if your constantly comparing yourself to the fitness models and to other things people have you will never truly be happy.

You will always want to have what others have and that is a sure recipe of feeling worthless.

When you feel worthless you don’t look after yourself.

When you don’t look after yourself you start overeating leading to being overweight.

When your overweight your unhappy!

Can you see a vicious cycle?

Just from comparing yourself to others?


The best way to overcome the comparison is to figure out what you truly want.


Figure out what your core values are.

Figure out what is going to truly make you happy.


When you know all of this you can stay focus on what you need to do to make YOU live the life you want.


The good thing about knowing yourself is that you can then use comparison as motivation.

“If they did it, so can I.”


This is the first thing I do with my clients. Figure out what they truly want.



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