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One of the questions I ask my weight loss clients in a consultation is ‘on a scale of 1 – 10 how motivated are you to lose weight? 10 being the most motivated and 1 being I couldn’t care.’

The answers I get back have varied from as little as 2 to as high as 10. (I have yet had someone tell me 1).


When I started coaching people I didn’t bother asking that question.

I just assumed that if someone is calling me up and paying my fees they want to lose weight. Right?


Little did I know that I was wrong.


I found that people would pay the fee and do absolutely nothing.

They would complain during the workout.

Negotiate about what they can and cannot do.

As soon as the session was over they would be stuff their mouth with cake. (True story).


You might be thinking to yourself this is crazy.

Why pay all the money only to sabotage your own work?


I was getting so frustrated by the lack of results my clients where getting.


So I added one of the best questions I could possibly add before starting with a client.


‘How committed are you on a scale of 1 – 10.’


When I would get low answers like 2 or 3 the next question would be…

‘Why did you call me out in the first place?’

To that I would get really messed up answers.


But what I find even more interesting was the fact that people would tell me that they are 100% committed to losing weight and changing their body for the good.

But when we start our program I would find that their actions wouldn’t match what they were saying.

What I mean to say was even thought they were saying they were 100% committed they weren’t doing what it takes.


So the question I want to ask you today is do you really want to lose weight?


Most people would answer yes.

But are they doing what they say they want to do?


Don’t get me wrong I’m not naive.

I know that it is extremely difficult to adapt a healthy lifestyle but the truth is…

life is hard.


But the beautiful think about us as humans is that it is hard work makes us feel good.

It makes us feel proud and gives us the feeling of accomplishment.


Imagine if everything was easy.

Life would feel so empty.


Think about the last thing you felt proud of doing.

I bet you you worked really hard to achieve it.

You probably had a couple of falls along the way.

But once you finally got to where you wanted to get it felt great, right?


The thing where most people go wrong and this is what I want to bring across with this blog today is that people assume that by hiring

  • A trainer,
  • Nutritionist
  • Any other professional

They will automatically lose weight and transform their body.


For many people it seems like a straight transaction between client paying the trainer and client losing weight.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work this way.


This isn’t saying that a great coach won’t be able to help you find your inner motivation.

A great coach will be able to work with you so you can reap the amazing result and satisfaction from transforming you body.


But you must remember, a coach will only be able to work with you.

That means to say it has to be a two way street.


You can’t accept the coach to do all the work and for you to get all the results.


I found that even after the commitment question I was still running into problems.

One day I noticed that in order for me to help my client, I need to set the right expectations from the get go.


Now days I tell my new clients that if they are successful with their weight loss it is going to be them who create the success, not me.

If they fail on their journey it is going to be them who create the failure, not me.

I’m here to guide, support and give them the best strategies to help them achieve their goals in the most efficient way, but I can’t lose the weight for them.

I’m here to work with them not for them.


I want to make absolutely clear that having a personal coach could be the difference between success and failure.

To see how that could be check out blog and blog.


I also want you to know that by hiring a trainer and expecting the fat to magically disappear isn’t going to happen.

You have to be willing to work with the coach for it to happen.


A lot of people feel pressured into going on a diet when they aren’t truly ready yet and that is fine.

You can be the way you want to be but you should know that you run the risk of all the things associated with being overweight.


I would rather you get yourself ready first before trying all the different variations and fail over and over again making yourself feel worse.


If you feel somewhat ready to take on the challenge and feel amazingly fulfilled and all the other massive benefits that come with losing weigh I would love to offer you a complementary consultation.

Together we can find your inner motivation and truly achieve your goals once and for all.

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