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The Structures For A Successful Body Transformation!




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Haven’t you had enough?

I know I have.


Statistics shows that on average, a person tries to lose weight 2.7 times a year and 90% of people that are successful put the weight back on within 5 years!


It really gets me down seeing old clients, family, and friends, try and lose weight only to end up back where they started.


What is going on here? Why is this happening to us?


There are many reasons we can come up with for this, but one of the major problems we have is the amount of information out there.


Yes… yes I know the saying ‘knowledge is power,’ but just like everything else in life too much of something is no good! … Including knowledge.


As it happens we live in an age were we are drowning in knowledge.

For every pound you want to shed there are 400 ways to do it.

The Internet makes it so easy to find out anything we want.

Social media platforms practically throw the info in your face.


Confusion On Social Meida


Nowadays it’s impossible to scroll down your feed without coming across:

  • Health and Fitness tips
  • Motivation strategy
  • Picture of someone getting amazing results from this new and improved way to lose weight


It’s kind of like suffering from whiplash as you scroll down your Instagram/Facebook feed.

First you’re inspired the motivational quotes and pics… then you get annoyed seeing your friend lose weight while you still can’t… then you think if you can just learn the latest tip you can do it too.




Skepticism creeps in as you read yet another blog on weight loss and fitness.


All these feelings leave you confused

and when you’re confused you don’t DO!


One day you will see a lot of talk about bananas.

  • Are bananas good for you or not?
  • How many should you have?
  • what time of day is best to eat a banana?
  • How should you have it?


Are Bananas Good For You?


What tends to happen with too much knowledge is that it raises more questions.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.


You will be quiet surprised by how many ‘leading experts’ say bogus claims in the name of health and fitness to promote a product or belief.


Even thought a lot of info is contradicting – quiet a bit of the knowledge happens to be true and good info.

How is this possible?


This is due to the fact that we are slightly different to one another.

What works for one person won’t necessarily work for another.

We see this when a friend tries a diet and succeeds and when we try the same method we fail, yet again.

So all the info we may come across may very well be true it just might not work for you.


Say you come across good information that is perfect for you and would give you the result you want it would be absolutely useless.

Worrying about:

  • What time of day you should be eating
  • Weighing your food
  • Counting calories
  • How many ways you can consume kale

Isn’t the best use of your time.




Unless you’re already living an extremely healthy lifestyle, obsessing over the latest trends doesn’t get you into shape and living a healthy life.


A healthy lifestyle is;

  • Someone that is active and exercises regularly;
  • Knows exactly what they eat throughout the day;
  • Eats whole foods majority of the time;
  • Preps their foods in advance;
  • Is in good shape and wants to get into even better shape.

Unless your like this, the nitty gritty don’t matter.


Everyone is getting themselves so confused on the nitty gritty like how much protein or carbs they consume in one sitting that we forget we eat food… not nutrients.

Worrying about ‘protein this,’ ‘carb that,’ ‘fat the other’ complicates things and results in us doing nothing.


Yes we should be consuming more protein, less carbs and healthier fats but in reality there is a big difference between looking at food as food and looking at food as macronutrients.


For the simple reason that not all macronutrients are equal.


Having a hot dog which has meat (protein) and having a grass feed steak is worlds apart.

That most people can understand.

Having a grass feed steak at home and having a steak in a restaurant is also very different.

For most people, this isn’t so obvious.


I’m not here to sit and tell you to stop listening to everything you read.

Our goal today is to give you a chance to be happy & successful with your weight loss once and for all!


In order for you to be successful ask yourself,

“What are my goals?”

“Does this piece of knowledge help me get any closer to my goals?”


In my experience, and judging by the fact that you are still reading, all this knowledge hasn’t been much use for you.

Let’s be honest, being ‘in the know’ makes us feel good. After all, who wants to be the dumb one in the room, but it hasn’t done much in terms of your happiness with your body, your life, your motivation level and your energy.

Doesn’t matter how much you think you know, the struggle is real and the fat hasn’t melted away from this newfound knowledge.


The only thing that will help is a plan of action!

A plan that has structure and implemented systems.


Unfortunately this is where most diets, weight loss programs, body transformation gurus and personal trainers go wrong.

They know a lot of the science – they obviously practice what they preach (most of them at least) because they look amazing and they make us want to look like them.

But their job is to look amazing.


In an ideal world everything promoting promise of the perfect body will work.

Unfortunately, they don’t all work and as mentioned what works for one person might not work for the next.

Not to mention, we live in a world where there are bills to pay, families to build with many other commitments; and trying to figure out if you had enough protein, too many carbs, enough healthy fats and we mustn’t forget about the micronutrients, it’s just not feasible.


We aren’t even talking about going on a diet that restricts certain foods; you know, the foods you love and give you peace at the end of the day.

These types of programs never hold up.

Yes it will work while you’re on it but like most people it only last just 5 weeks before you either give up or hit a plateau. Then, you will be back to your old ways searching through Facebook, getting inspired, annoyed and upset all at the same time.


In order to get off the hamster wheel we need to start doing things differently.



One of my favorite quotes I’ve come across is from none other then Albert Einstein himself:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”


It is crucial for our success to set up a structure that can support our journey.

Only with a solid structure can we have a fighting chance.


There are 3 main elements that make up a well-rounded structure:

  • Accountability
  • Support
  • Action tasks




It’s simple.

We need someone or something to hold us accountable and give us that push to actually do as we say.

We have been bought up our whole lives like this.

As children we had our teachers and parents holding us accountable.

In collage we had our assignment and deadlines holding us accountable.

Now, in our jobs, the mangers and bosses hold us accountable.

Even if you are your own boss, your employers and costumers hold you accountable.


So too here; when we are working on something that is hard and has a big trade off right now for a future goal, we need someone to hold us accountable.

Some people are lucky and they can hold themselves accountable.

All they really need is a diary to log down and cross off the tasks and actions they’ve set out in their plan.


Others need someone else to balance them out; this could be anyone from a family member to a close friend or work colleague.

I would always recommend that you use someone that you trust, like and respect.

If you need adjustments here and there and you don’t trust them you wont listen to what they have to tell you and that’s no use to you at the end of a hard day.


Which leads us to…






Having a good support group is the difference between success and failure.

A good support group will motivate you when the going gets tough, will make the journey easier and give you a helping hand when you need it most.


The best way to find support is to look at the people you surround yourself with.

This will include your family members, colleagues and friends.

If you find that the people you hang out with aren’t supportive, get new friends … just joking (well, kinda).

Seriously, find a group that you can interact with either online or in person.

A place where you have like-minded people trying to reach for similar goals, lead happy lifestyles, and help one another.


Having support and accountability is great but don’t forget the most important element…


A Plan!


Construct a plan that has action tasks easy to implement.

A plan that will give you a straight path to success;

A plan that will guide you and keep you on the straight and narrow so you can achieve your goals.


Start off on the right foot!


Focus your energy on one thing at a time.

Trying to tackle multiple issues at once will only lead to no issues being resolved.


Next, you want to work on your limiting factor. This bit is the easiest to implement but will give you the best results.

Once you get the ball rolling on an easy but just as important task this will motivate and show you that you can do this! Use that momentum to keep you going.


In order to figure out the exact steps you should be taking you need to set your goals.

Where do you want to be?

Once you know your goals you can connect the dotted line from where you are now to where you want to be.




‘X’ marks the spot!

Once you have established your goals and a plan of action, tell your support team and accountability group where you’re headed and what you need to do to get there.


Not having the structure is the missing link.


As mentioned, focusing your energy on several things at once normally leaves you doing nothing. Build up your own structure by doing one thing at a time – no matter how small it is.

The best place to start is by casting your super team.

Seems small and easy enough and you’ll be one step closer and well on your way to stepping off the hamster wheel and achieving your goals.


After you’ve established your ‘dream team’ you can start worrying about the actions you need to take along with all the other good stuff.




Now, if you want to go ahead and work out all you have to do on your own then by all means – be my guest, but please make sure you DO what you set out to do.


If you want a fantastic structure that

  • Gives you the accountability,
  • Gives you the support,
  • Gives you a plan of action AND
  • Teaches you how to implement it all


Then you should check out my 12-week healthy living program guaranteed to give you results so you can achieve your goals.

12- week to healthy living!

Get the perfect plan, accountability and  support to achieve the body you always wanted!

Click here to access your program!


Whatever you decide to do, I want you to commit today to doing something different.

Get off the hamster wheel!


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