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10 ways to make your dream goals a realty




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How do you take goals and turn them into action?


The first think many people promote to ensure the success of your program (including myself) is to create goals.


It make sense because you are much more likely to hit goals that you have made then it is for you to hit goals that you have never created.


But is a creating a goal enough?

How do you turn a goal into success?


In this article I’m going to be showing you the x steps you need to do to take your goals and turn them into reality.


The first thing you got to do is to create goals. Once you have created these goals we got to turn them into behavior goals.


There are 2 types of goals. There is the outcome goal and there are the behavior goals.


The outcome goals are goals that we can’t dictate. For example to say you want to lose 20 kilos in 6 months is an outcome goal. You can’t directly dictate how much weight your going to lose.


On the other hand behavior goals are something we have a direct impact on. For example a behavior goal would be to eat a portion of protein at every meal and exercise 5 times a week for 30 min.


When setting goals most people starts with setting outcome goals and stop there. They don’t continue on to see what actions need to be taken to reach the outcome goal.


When you have goals that you can’t directly impact it can be very demotivated.


For example when you stop by just creating outcome goal when it comes to jumping on the scale and see that the weight hasn’t gone down you feel like there is nothing to do.


On the other hand if you have taken it to the next step, the step that creates behavior goals, you wont worry about the weight. All your going to be focusing on is the actions.


Even if the scale doesn’t show you what you want to see it wont bother you as much because you know that by doing the right actions that is what’s going to get results.


By now I hope you see the point of having behavior goal. Once you have created behavior goals it is really simple to make a plan.


At this point you want to take all the behavior goals you have and priorities them. You can either priorities them by the actions that are going to give you the best results or you can priorities them by the actions that are going to be the easiest for you.


Side note: If you only have one or 2 behavior goals they are too broad. Make your behavior goals more specific.

For example if your 2 behavior goals are to eat healthy and to exercise. Lets dive in and see

  • How much do you want to exercise,
  • When do you want to exercise,
  • What types of exercise.

Get as detailed as possible so there are no questions, no way for you to procrastinate when the time comes to doing the action.


We love to procrastinate and we will use any excuse to do so.

Don’t give yourself the opportunity and make sure you have a detailed plan that doesn’t leave you with questions.


Lets go back to priorities your action.

There is 2 ways you can do this first by the one that is going to give you the best results or you can do it by the easiest.


If you are the type of person that is obsessed by the weight, you want to lose a lot of weight and now, then I would recommend you priorities your list by the actions that are going to give you the best results.


If you are the type of person that needs motivation then you should priorities your list by easiest actions.

Simply because you wont find it difficult to do the actions, you will see success with the small action and success brings on motivation.


Once you have your list in order, it is time to take the actions and put them into a calendar.

To truly make a new action a habit you need to consciously act on it for 21 days.

Only then will the action start to become a habit.

With that in mind you want to put a new action every 21 days at the most.


Just to give you an example this is what a calendar can look like,

Day 1 would be action 1

Day 21 would be assessment to see how the habit is coming along.

After the assessment you will then decide whether or not you’re ready to move on to the next action.


You got to be honest with yourself, you got to ask yourself

Have you been actively working on implementing the habit into your day?

Do you feel comfortable with the habit you have been working on?

Are you ready to add a new habit to get you closer to your goal?


Once you have answered the questions you can make an informed decision if you should continue or keep on working on the same habit.


You always must make sure you have all the necessary equipment in your house.

We don’t want to give you a chance to make excuses.

Believe me you can find the biggest excuse on the smallest thing.


For instance if your new habit is to consume vegetables with every meal you must make sure that you have vegetables in the house.

As fresh produce don’t stay fresh for long, in order to have fresh produce in the house you need to go shopping often. At least every 5 days.

So you would need to plan out your shopping trips.

Another point is that unclean vegetables don’t get eaten.

You want to have fruits and vegetables cleaned and ready to eat.

So you will also want to block out time to cut and clean you produce.


You would need to take this into consideration and plan out the steps that will support the action your trying to do.


If all that sounds too much then take it one step at a time.

For example work on going shopping at least every 5 days, preferably 3 but 5 will suffice at the beginning.


If you would consider making your next step shopping you got to take into consideration what are you going to buy.

That would mean you would want to plan the meals you tend to eat this week.

Then you would make a shopping list of all the produce you would need to make the meals. This way when you go shopping you know exactly what you want making the trip quick and saves you from all the temptation in the shop.


The same thing would be true if you wanted to start exercising. You would need to look and see what do you need that will support you to do exercise 4 times week.

Do you have a place to exercise?

Do you have the right gear to exercise?

Do you have a music playlist?

What time of the day are you going to do it?

Take the appropriate steps to make sure you have everything you need so there is no excuse when it actually comes down to doing it.


One of the biggest things stopping us from starting is the amount of knowledge we have. With so much information at our fingertips and a lot of contradicting each other it makes us not sure which way is best and when we are confused we don’t end up doing anything.


You must keep it simple and stick to the basic.

You job for the first 6 months of your program is to master the basic. Not to worry about the latest crazy promising crazy results.


Work on eating whole unprocessed foods, drinking unprocessed drinks, get a good night rest, exercise regularly, be more active throughout the day.


Once you have mastered all of that and you see your progress is coming to a stop then you can start focusing on the more advance techniques.

For most people it can take 6 month to a year + to master the basic.


The most important is to start. Start doing the action no matter how small it may be.


To help put everything together it is important to have an outside point of view. An outsider can see things that we cant. They can also hold you accountable and to make sure your doing what you set out to do. They can also support you and give you the motivation you need when you’re feeling down in the dumps.



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