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What Does Healthy Eating Look Like




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There have been countless times where clients have said “I eat so healthy yet I can’t seem to get my weight off”.


Have you ever caught yourself saying this?


There is a big misconception about what healthy eating actually is.


In this blog we are going to discuss what healthy eating looks like so you can achieve your goals.


As a whole we have become more health conscious, which is good. But most of us have a misconception about what is healthy eating and this is causing more problems then good.


For starters we have the media throwing the publics mind in all different directions.

Everyday there is a new secret ingredient that is going to make you drop weight, make you healthy, or there is a certain food that’s going to cause heart attacks or some other health related problem.


We, the public, follow along blindly because the media has “science” to prove it.


The food companies are on the sideline watching as the public understanding of health evolves.


They see away to make more money. All they got to do is adapt their products accordingly.

They will display all the health claims on their products like:

  • 0% fat,
  • No added preservatives,
  • 0 calories,
  • All naturel ingredients


So on and so forth.


When a product is promising all these amazing benefits while still tasting good why shouldn’t we eat it?

We are eating healthy.


I hate to be the bearer of bad news… these foods are by no means healthy.


Even though they have all the health claims under the sun.

For one when a product says there is no fat it is generally high in sugar.

Any product that has health claims is generally not so healthy. You don’t see an apple or a cucumber screaming health claims at you.


With that being said, people go along another route to be healthy.

They simple don’t eat anything. ‘I’ll just have a yogurt and granola for breakfast and that’s about it’.

By not eating anything you’re also not being healthy.


We just mentioned eating products that claim they are healthy isn’t good and by eating nothing it’s also not good.


So what does healthy eating look like?


Healthy eating is eating for health.

As obvious as this sounds it is true.

In order for the body to be healthy it needs nutrients to run efficiently.



Some of the nutrients the body can produce on its own, some the body cannot produce at all (we have to get it from out diet) and some the body can produce when there are other foods available.


When eating healthy we need to supply our bodies with all the nutrients it needs for the demands we put on the body.


When you have foods that aren’t naturally made, this includes foods made in a factory with natural ingredients, your body isn’t getting the right nutrients.


The best way to explain this is imagine your car. It needs gasoline to drive, unless you have an electric car.

Imagine you go ahead and put olive oil in the car, the best olive oil, and you try to drive the car.

What is going to happen?

The same is true here with your body!

Your body needs food with all the nutrients to run.

We go and put foods that don’t have the nutrients and call that healthy eating.

Even if the foods have been artificially been modified with the nutrients we need it isn’t the same as getting the nutrient from whole sources.


So what does healthy eating look like?


To eat healthy you want to eat unprocessed foods most of the time, if not all the times.

We wouldn’t cut out a certain nutrient group.

Most meals would have a portion of protein,

A portion of vegetables,

A portion of healthy fats

And when appropriate a portion of stretchy carbs.


All these foods would be organic.


Non-organic foods aren’t healthy for us at all because of all the chemicals that are used to grow the plants.

But I’m not talking about organic foods that you get from the big box store.

I’m talking about organic foods that you get from the farmer market.


You would eat mindfully meaning that you would eat when you feel hungry and stop eating when you feel satisfied.


For most people eating like this would be eating more food then they eat at the moment.

Even so if they could adapt their life to live like this, they will not only start to feel healthy, they will find that you have more energy and on top of that the stubborn fat they had a problem getting rid of will go away.


Before you go ahead and say your eating healthy yet the fat isn’t going away, ask yourself this.


  • Do you eat unprocessed food 90% of the time?
  • Do you eat mindfully?


If you answer yes and you’re still not getting results. Get in touch with me and I will be able to advice you on the best practice to get the body you want!

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