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What To Eat For Your Body Type




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Why is it that some of us have to sweat away at the gym, watch exactly what we eat and slowly the weight improves while others don’t workout eat, what ever they fancy and are in best shape they can be?


The way you are and the amount of work you have to do to achieve your goals has a lot to do with your body type.

That is something you can thank your parents for.


There are 3 major body types.


There is the ectomorph… the mesomorph… the endomorph.


The ectomorph is the person that can eat what ever they want and the weight doesn’t come on and they are usually tall and lanky.

Although they don’t put on body fat they also find it extremely difficult to put on muscle mass as well.


The mesomorph is the person that just looks at the gym and gets muscular. They are predisposed to put on muscle mass while at the same time to burn fat.

They are usually nicely toned and muscular.

In my opinion this is the best body type.


The endomorph is the person that just looks at fast food and the weight comes on they are usually short and chubby.

This person puts on weight fairly quickly and finds it extremely difficult to burn the fat away.


Most of us aren’t a straight body type. We have a little bit of everything but the one that is most dominant will determine your plan.


Just because you’re an ectomorph it doesn’t give you an excuse to be the skinny lanky kid. You can still get amazing results with a well-designed program.

Besides that, just because your body doesn’t store fat doesn’t mean it wont.

Feed it enough junk and eventually your body will store the food as fat.


On the other hand being an endomorph doesn’t give you the excuse to be overweight. There are things you can do; a well-designed program can get amazing results.


Don’t get me wrong, an endomorph probably wont be able to get down to a 32” waist and an ectomorph wont be able to have 22” arms (without help)


The most important thing to focus on when it comes to your body frame is the food intake.


In general the goal of the ectomorph is to gain muscle, the mesomorph to maintain or put on more muscle and the ectomorph to lose fat.


With these goals in mind, each body type is going to eat differently.


First we go to determine how many calories you should be eating.

The best way to figure this out is to multiply your body weight by a certain number.


The ectomorph multiplies their bodyweight by 18-20

The mesomorph multiplies their bodyweight by 14-16

The endomorph multiplies their bodyweight by 12-14.


For example the ectomorph weighs 150lbs their calorie intake would be 2,700 – 3,000 calories per day. (150 x 18 = 2,700. 150 x 20 = 3,000)


Now that we know the calorie intake we need to look at the macronutrient split.


The ectomorph will have 25% of their calories from protein 55% from carbs and 20% from fat.


The mesomorph will have 30% of their calories from protein 40% from carb and 30% from fat


The endomorph will have 35% of their calories from protein 25% from carb and 40% from fat.


So lets go back to our example of the ectomorph and his is going to aim for 2,700. His daily split would be 675 calories from protein, 1,485 calories from carb and 540 calories from fat.


The most important thing to note is that more importantly then your calorie amount is your calories quality.


You will want to get your nutrients from whole organic foods.


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