Is your meal plan holding you back from transforming your body?

Having A Meal Plan Can Hold You Back From Transforming Your Body!




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‘If only I had a meal plan that I can follow it would be a whole lot easier.’


Sound familiar?


90% of the people admit that nutrition is holding them back from reaching their goals.


In the next 5 minutes I will show you that having a meal plan can actually sabotage your results!


First off, I want to let you know that if you insist on having a meal plan you can get a detailed one… for FREE.


Not just one meal plan but hundreds.


Just now I went on Google and typed in ‘meal plan.’ Guess how many results came up…




And if you want a nice graphic table, click on ‘images’ and there you have it! Hundreds of detailed tables and colorful charts you can download and start implementing in your day anytime you want.


Although, you might be thinking that these aren’t personalized to you but the truth is that unless you go to the top nutritionist, your plan would be just as good as the plans you get for free.


Before you go running to download hundreds of new meal plans, I want to let you know that having a meal plan could actually be putting a dent in your results.


That’s right… having a meal plan is holding you back from hitting your goals.

We all understand that if someone walks into the gym for the very first time, has never lifted a weight in their life and attempts to lift 300lbs. chances are they wont be able to lift it. I might even argue that they will injure themselves in the process.


So is true when it comes to your diet.


If your eating habits at the moment consist of TV dinners, Chinese takeout, microwaved hot pockets and lots of other processed foods, having a personalised meal is way too much to take on.


To follow a healthy meal plan in most cases you have to plan ahead of time; go shopping, clean and prep the food, cook the food and lets not even mention the cleaning up bit.


To be successful with your eating we have to take the same approach as we would with a beginner lifter.

When a person begins to lift, you first have to take away the weights completely. Start with the bar and focus on the technique for the first month at least. Having good form when lifting is essential in preventing injury. If the bar is too heavy we might even start with a broomstick!


Once you feel confident with the technique, only then do we start to add weight while still making sure the technique is spot on.


When it comes to your food we got to master the basics just like Mr Miyagi – wax on wax off.


We got to focus on the basics; day in, day out until it becomes habitual.


What does the basics look like when it comes to eating?


For most people how you eat is a good place to start.

One of the big reasons to start here is because it doesn’t take much preparation and you can start right away.


You might be wondering how the way you eat determines your weight?


Well, when you eat slowly a couple of things happen.


Firstly you become full on less food.


It takes the brain about 20 minutes or so to register that you’re full.

When you eat fast your body doesn’t have time to register that you’re full resulting in you eating more food. Subsequently, if you eat slowly the brain will register that you’re full while eating less food.


The second point is – digestion starts in the mouth. If you swallow your food without allowing time for the digestive enzymes in the mouth to begin to breakdown your food, the stomach subsequently has to work with foods that aren’t really ready for the stomach.


Another good reason to eat slowly is actually getting to enjoy the foods you are eating. You will start to notice how junk food doesn’t really taste as good as you thing and you will start to enjoy proper food much more.


A good exercise to demonstrate this is to take 10 raisins and spend 10 minutes eating the raisin. Try and see if you notice anything different about them.


Now imagine you’re in a situation where you haven’t prepared lunch for the day – and let’s be honest this happens to us all the time. When you are working on the basics every day and training yourself on eating slowly, you will still be ok.


Even if you go down to the local cafe and grab a sandwich you will still eat slowly no matter what you eat resulting in consuming less food.


When working on the basic the key is to work on one thing until it has become a habit. Once you are sure that you it has become habitual you can then proceed to the next thing. It is a lot easier to work on one thing at a time than it is to work on 10 things simultaneously.


There are 5 basic habits that if mastered will get you seeing results and closer towards the body you want.



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