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Feel young and energetic in under 60 minutes a day




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I’ve been feeling kind of weak lately; I don’t know what it is.

Simple tasks I had no issue doing seem to knock the life out of me.

The day is consumed with work and family.

Running from one thing to the next.

Too busy to even recognize how I feel on a daily bases.


Finally I’m able to check in with myself and I notice I don’t feel good.


America runs on Dunkin.


I get through my day drinking coffee.


Is this what life supposed to feel like?


Life doesn’t have to be this way.


By changing your day a little bit you can start to feel like your young energetic self. Of course without drugs.


To begin with, for the sake of the explanation, lets compare the body to a car. Not just any car… a supercar.


Imagine you drive your supercar with the gas tank empty. What would happen?


Not only that, putting regular gas in the car will have decline with performance.


You want take great care of the car.

You want to fine-tune the engine consistently.

Only use the best gas.


Spending the day running on coffee and busyness, is equivalent to driving your car with no gas.


Eating junk in the evening is like putting cheap gas in the car.


You want to put the best ‘fuel’ in the body and fine-tune the engine. (The way you fine-tune your body is through correct exercise.)


Exercising will also help you have more energy… be stronger… fitter… agile.


This sounds all fine and well for those of us that actually have time. But for us, the busy parent juggling life between job and family, how on earth can we do this?


Change your mindset.


Look at taking care of yourself as an investment.


Right now everything feels like a drag, what used to be easy is now difficult.


When we’re performing at our best we have more energy. What used to feel difficult is now easy. This will give us the confidence to do more and perform better.


On top of that, it doesn’t have to take as long as you think.


With the right program you can get the results you want in under an hour a day.


Yep. Its true.


For example, in the food department we can designate a time during the week to do grocery shopping… clean the fruits and veg… marinate the proteins… soak the beans and oats.


By time it comes to eating there isn’t much to do. Just cook the food and eat. Saving us time and having fresh food.


And by focusing on doing weight lifting 3-5 times a week, we can be out of the gym in 30 minutes.


The only issue is actually finding time to do it.


This comes back to the mindset.


We must start to thing of this process as an investment. If we put in the effort today we will have more quality time.



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