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Beat food cravings with these 3 steps!




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‘What do you eat on an average day?’


‘The truth is I don’t eat much. I’m too busy throughout the day to think about food. When I come home I find myself in the nosh pantry pecking away.


‘I have tried many times to stay away from junk food but I always find myself in the nosh pantry after a long days work.’


This is a common trend I see with my clients. Maybe you have experienced this yourself.


You promise to never eat junk food again and the very next day you find yourself eating the foods you said you weren’t going to touch.


This is extremely common and it is not your fault.


The best way to explain what is going on is to use an analogy described to me by the Heath Brothers.


Our brain is divided into two systems that work independently while at the same time. First we have the emotional side, which feels pain and pleasure. Second we have a rational side, which reflects, calculates and comes up with plans.


Our emotional brain is compared to an elephant and our rational brain is compared to a rider.


Although it may seem that the rider is in control. In all honesty the rider has little control, as he is so small compared to the elephant.


When the rider and elephant disagree, the six-ton beast will always win and there is nothing the rider can do.


When you don’t eat all day, feel stressed, tired, or unhappy you are in an emotional state. The elephant is always going to win. There is no rationalizing with you. You are going to eat whatever is in sight and whatever makes you feel good.


To tame the wild beast you want to keep yourself satisfied.


Try and eat every couple of hours so you don’t find yourself too hungry. Eat foods that are healthy and taste good so you don’t feel deprived.


By eating tasty foods and by eating every few hours you can be sure to keep your emotions in check.


Besides eating tasty foods regularly, there is something else you can do.


Shape the path.


What dictates where the elephant goes is the path it is on.


To save yourself the trouble of having a mental battle with a beast you cannot control, clear out all junk foods from your home.


What is in the house gets eaten.


If you only have healthy foods and snack in the house, on the odd day when you are too busy to eat you will end up eating healthy delicious food.


Even on the really stressful days, when you are craving your comfort foods, you will have to go down to the local store to get it.


That trip alone will give you time to cool down. To come around. To think if you really want to sabotage your short term gains for your ultimate goals.


Who knows you might turn around and go for the healthy choice at home.


Do yourself a favor, get a big trash bag and put all the unhealthy foods in it.


Once you have done that, restock your pantry with foods that are healthy for you and your goals.


To help you know exactly what you should have in your fridge I have put together a kitchen makeover checklist.


In the checklist you will know all foods you should get rid of and all foods you should have in your home.


You can get your free copy here!

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