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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Exercise!




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The minimum recommended daily activity is: 5 times a week, 30 minutes a day.


The activity mentioned is simply walking.

The recommended 30 minutes can be done in one shot or split up into 3 x 10 minutes slots.


80% of the US population do not reach the minimum daily requirement.


The minimum recommendation is the bare minimum required to stay healthy.


However, this is still not enough to improve your fitness, become stronger, lose weight or any other goals you may have.


In order to get the most out of exercising, it is best to perform 3 strength and 2 aerobic routines a week, at the very least.

Having a mix of strength and aerobic training has been proven to get the most efficient results.


For the first 6 months, I would never recommend training more than 5 times a week. You want to give yourself 2 days off.


The principle that more is better isn’t necessarily true when it comes to exercise.


When you workout you are actually breaking down the body; you get stronger and fitter when you are recovering. This is why it is important to have 1 or 2 recovery days in your routine as well as getting enough sleep at night and eating well throughout the day.


When you sleep your body is recovering from the stress of the day. When you eat well your body uses the nutrients to rebuild the muscles that got “damage” by the workout.


Depending on how quickly your body recovers will determine how often you need to take a day off.


To insure you get the most out of your workouts while staying injury free you want to create different workout cycles. Each cycle in your program has a main point to focus on.


The main priority of the first cycle is posture.


Before you can start lifting, you have to move well.


It takes the brain 300-450 times to learn how to do a movement involuntarily. The way you do it the first 450 times will determine how you do the movement for the future.


To reteach your body how to do an exercise that you have been doing with bad form takes 3,500 to 5,000 times!


You better learn how to do it right the first time!


When you workout with bad form you become extremely vulnerable to injury.


The main priority of the second phase is muscle hypertrophy: building lean muscle.


As we age our muscles start to deteriorate. As you lose muscle tone, doing normal day activates like going up stairs, walking or tying your shoelaces become more and more challenging.


To fight the muscle deterioration you want to focus on building muscle.


Just as a side note, just because you are focusing on building muscle doesn’t mean that your form goes out the window.


The main priority of the third phase is max strength.


When you are strong, activities such as running up the stairs become extremely easy to do; you don’t have to use up energy on simple tasks. Giving you the luxury to preserve your energy on things that matter most to you.


Again just because you’re focusing on max strength doesn’t mean that form and everything else goes out of the window.


Once you completed the 3 cycles, you start again from phase 1.


Since 2 of the 3 phases don’t focus solely on form we can assume that you have picked up some bad habits when it comes to the exercise.


To keep yourself injury free and always progressing, getting stronger, keep on cycling through these 3 phases.


Just a side note, these aren’t the only phases. For the purpose of this article we focused on the 3 phases that are critical for everyone.


Spend about 4-6 weeks in each cycle. Just long enough for your body to adapt to the focus of the phase but not long enough for your body to plateau.


The last thing we are going to discuss is what types of exercises you should focus on.


Most of your workout should be dedicated to compound movement. Compound movements are movements that involve more than one joint.


For example: squats, lunges, deadlift, push-ups and rows – just to mention a few. Doing bicep curls isn’t the most effective and can be a bit of waste of time.

To help you see clearly what I’m talking about I have put together a routine for the first month of training. You can get your copy downloaded directly to you by clicking over here and filling out the form.

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