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Semi Private TrainingWe developed semi-private training because it allows you to achieve the best results possible, in an amazing environment.



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About the training


A lot of people find it hard to stay motivated to train. Working out in with a partner creates an incredibly motivating atmosphere.  Our sessions are held in a convenient place for both you and your partner; no equipment needed.

We pride ourselves on making fitness fit into your life. By giving you and your partner the advice you both need to achieving your goals, you won’t waste anymore precious time on fab-diets and gimmicks that don’t work and skip right to the results!

Reinforced training


Support and motivation become reinforced by, not only having your trainer there to guide you, but having your partner who’s in the same position as you are helping you get through the hard times.


Personal nutrition plan

Here at Premier Physique we understand that no two are alike. Unlike other group training sessions, you each receive your own personal nutrition plan designed for you individuals.

Meet Patricia

I hired Premier Physique to help me loose weight and tone up. Along Tzviki came, sat me down and talked me through the process.

When we started I got weighed in at 10 stone 10 pounds. I now weight in 9 stone 6. He works you hard. He wont let you give up. Every step of the way he encourages you to go forward.

In four weeks I have lost 2 inches of my waist, and of my legs about 1 and a half inches. So not only have I lost weight, I have lose inches too.

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Patricia Success Story

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