Success Stories - Premier Physique

Success Stories


Meet Patricia

I hired Premier Physique to help me loose weight and tone up. Along Tzviki came, sat me down and talked me through the process.

When we started I got weighed in at 10 stone 10 pounds. I now weight in 9 stone 6. He works you hard. He wont let you give up. Every step of the way he encourages you to go forward.

In four weeks I have lost 2 inches of my waist, and of my legs about 1 and a half inches. So not only have I lost weight, I have lose inches too.

If you are thinking about doing something with about your weight and health issues- see Tzviki- at Premier Physique your mobile personal trainer worth every penny and more. Their slogan is ‘you have nothing to lose but fat,’ I am living proof. Without his help I wouldn’t be motivated and still struggle to succeed.

Hire him! Hire him! Give him the chance to help you like he has helped me. He has transformed my life and forever grateful.

Thank you so much
Patricia Cooper

Meet David

Before I started training with Premier Physique I always felt tired throughout my day, when it came to 2 o’clock in the afternoon I felt like I had to go to sleep and couldn’t get much work done. I was extremely unfit, I would be completely out of breath by going up a stair of flights in my office and had to spend a couple of minutes just to catch my breath. To top it all of I was overweight and I was getting worried about my health.

Since starting to work with Premier Physique I have so much energy throughout my day and get so much work done. At the same time have lost a stone and a half while losing an inch and a half around my waist. I am really looking forward to what the future will bring for me. I just want to take this time to thank the trainiers at Premier Physique for the encourgment and help to get me in the best shape in my life – David Mendolvitz

Meet Michelle

I achieved my goal of losing 4 kilo in 4 weeks and I learnt how to eat healthier and plan to continue eating this way even once I have stopped this program. I used to eat so unhealthy and feel so much better now that I got my eating habits in order, thanks to Premier Physique.

I would strongly recommend anyone wanting a trainer to go with Premier Physique. Not only will you lose weight and live a helathier lifestyle, You will have constant support from the trainers whether it concerns eating habit or exercise routine. Plus the session we have are really enjoyable – Michael

 Meet Mr Hirsch

As a ‘slightly overweight!’ inactive and rather flabby middle-aged (I should be so lucky!) man, I approached Tzviki requesting him to help sort me out – physically. I have been having one or two sessions a week for two months or so now, and whilst I am not quite ‘Mr Universe’ yet, I am well on the way!

Tzviki is a most pleasant Personal Trainer, capable of providing a session being both enjoyable and beneficial. He has this knack of delivering a frequently changing programme thus avoiding the slightest chance of boredom. All this is achieved without the need for complicated equipment.

Unquestionably I have made considerable progress, and I look forward to the benefit of his professional experience and training for a long time to come. – Mr Hirsch

Meet Max

Training with Premier Physique has changed my life in a way I could have never believed it. Beside the fact that I have gone down 4 suit sizes and lost 16 kilo, the exercise routine where so enjoyable. Every time I finished exercising I felt about within myself, its amazing how a little bit of exercise can change your day.


I used to be addicted to my food. I would go into a bakery and buy everything I can. After working with Premier Physique I have become more in tuned with my body and have control over what I eat.


It is hard work trying to get yourself in shape but having Tzviki by your side really makes it easier. Plus the compliments that I get from family and friends is always an added bones.


If your trying to change your life around and feel better about yourself. I would recommend taking Premier Physique on. Having them by your side will turn your dreams into a reality! – Max